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General Information

Our online support resources are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Feel free to browse through our FAQs, documentation, and tutorials videos. If those resources do not solve your problem, please feel free to submit a support ticket by clicking the far right tab titled, Submit a Request.

Municode FAQs

Welcome to the FAQ section of our support site.  Below you will find many answers to your frequently asked questions regarding Municode and our online and offline products.


What is Municode?

Municode, more formally known as Municipal Code Corporation, is the largest private sector publisher of municipal ordinances, responsible for the codification and publication of municipal codes for more than 2,700 cities and counties in all 50 states.


How can I find a municipal code for a specific city?

To find a code for a specific city, click the "code library" link at the top of the municode homepage, select a state, then the name of the municipality you wish to view.


How can I purchase a printed copy of a municipal code?

You can purchase any code by either visiting our online store, or calling a representative from our Distribution Department.

For the online store:

1) Navigate to our online store directly by clicking on the following link:

2) In the publication search sox on the right side of the page, select the State from the drop down menu.

3) Select the City or County’s publication you wish to purchase.

To contact a Distribution Representative:

1) To contact via email, send your message to, including the City/County, and State’s publication you are looking for. Also, please include your contact information.

2) By phone: call 1-800-262-2633 and ask to be connected to someone in the Distribution department.


Can I search and/or view multiple codes at a time?

Any user is free to search and view as many codes as they want, albeit one at a time.

Subscribers to our MuniPro service are able to search accross multiple codes at a time. For a more detailed list of MuniPro features and subscription information, click here.


I have found a mistake/bug on Who should I contact?

If you have a question about a hosted website, please email questions to, and a support ticket will be opened on your behalf. For the fastest response, please include the name of the municipality (if applicable) you are trying to access.


How long does an order for a physical copy of a Code typically take?

Our normal/standard  time frame to ship-out an order for a pre-existing code is within 1-2 weeks unless the customer chooses to add the $15 –rush fee.  The rush fee will guarantee the order will ship within 1-2 business days.  Once the order is shipped it typically takes UPS 5-10 business days to finish delivery of the order.


How do I make Folio work with Windows 7 64bit?

1.) Download the .nfo and .lcf files to a specific area on your machine. We recommend naming the area something that will be easy to find later like C:\Folio\.

2.) Download the zip file containing the Folio Installer Package, open, and double-click Setup.exe.

3.) Follow the in Windows prompts until the installation is completed.  We recommend creating a shortcut to the .nfo file, especially if you are setting Folio up for other users.  

You can also switch to Municode Desktop which has greater cross-platform stability.


I have a legal question. Who should I contact?

Municode does not author any content contained within a city's municipal code. Any questions pertaining to the legal nature of a municipal code should be directed to the city.


Why can’t I download even though I see a Code online?

Some codes we post online are displayed in a PDF format at the request of the city/county.  For those codes downloading has a slightly different process.  If you click on a section of code and it displays as a PDF in window and you wish to download it you will need to look at the bottom of the screen.  If you move your mouse down, a new tool bar will appear.  On this tool bar will be a button that will allow you to save the section of code you are looking at. 


Other buttons on that toolbar allow you to print, navigate page by page and zoom in and out of the document.


For codes posted in PDF you won’t be able to save whole Chapters at once like codes posted in HTML so you may need to save each part individually.


How do I download a specific section of Code?

If you are looking at a specific piece of code you can download it by simply hitting the ‘Save” button at the top of the page.  After clicking that button you will be redirected to page that lists each section of the selection with a box next to them.  Check the boxes next to each section you wish to save and then click the save button on the screen just above the list.


If a save dialog box comes up asking where to save the file to, give it the information then open the file after the download.  It will open in a Word friendly format you can print or copy from.


How do I print a portion of the Code?

If you look at the top of the page where the code is displayed you will see three buttons labeled Save, Print, and Email.  If you click the Print button you will directed to a page where you can select which specific portions of code you want to print.  Click the print link above the list after you have made your selection.  For more information on how to Print, Save, or Email portions of the code, you can watch the video we have linked below.




What does it mean when a section is "Reserved?"

When a section is reserved, it means the city has elected to leave that section blank. Often it is the case that the reserved section previously contained provisions that have since been repealed or removed at the request of the city. Municode is not responsible for the reserving of sections.


Online Code Library

Is this site administered by the city?

No, this website is administered by Municipal Code Corporation (Municode), a private sector host for City/County ordinances. If you are unable to locate the information you need by performing a keyword search on our site, we suggest that you contact your local City/County Clerk's Office to obtain detailed information, specific to your area and needs.


When I save a table from the site, the formatting is unreadable. How can I accurately save a table?

This problem exists due to a bug in the conversion from HTML content to an editable RTF format.  To work around the issue, perform the following steps.

  1. Navigate to the document that contains the table.
  2. Click the the printer icon in the toolbar at the top-right corner of the screen.
  3. This should bring up a small selection asking if you would like to print the entire document or just a subset of the document.  Make your selection and click Print.
  4. A new tab will open with the content you wish to save.  Press Ctrl-A to highlight all text on the page, then click Ctrl-C to copy that text.
  5. Open Microsoft Word or an equivalent word processor, and paste by pressing Ctrl-V.  Word should perform the proper conversion and retain the table formatting.

When I copy text from the web and paste it into a Word document, the formatting is incorrect—how can I fix that?

By default, Microsoft Word attempts to inherit the source formatting when pasting text. To avoid this, you must copy and “Paste Special,” instead of using the standard "Paste" function. In Word 2010, click the dropdown arrow beneath “Paste” and choose “Paste Special” then “Unformatted Text. In Pre 2010 Word, choose “Edit,” “Paste Special” then “Unformatted Text.”


If our Municipality subscribes to NOW (New Ordinances on the Web) how long does it take for the code to show as pending on the website after we send it to you?

On average it will take 2-3 business days for the website to update and show there is new legislation pending codification.  The NOW feature is a great way to keep your Code up to date between supplements and ensure your citizens always have access to the most recent information.  For more information about NOW, click HERE or you can contact one of our sales representatives if you wish to add this feature to your account.


Why does my browser bring up an error message when I use the search function?

Our Search utility requires java script in order to function.  If your browser is currently set to block cookies you will not be able to view any of your search results.  You can fix this by going into your browser options and changing your settings to allow cookies.  You will also want to check your Antivirus Software/Firewall to make sure it isn’t stopping any of the following JavaScripts: Search.js, SearchResults.js, or nav.js


Municode Desktop

How do I install Municode Desktop?

The following steps will allow you to install Municode Desktop on your local PC:

  1. Navigate to My Computer and click on the CD drive to open the disc or extract the zipped folder you downloaded from us.
  2. Click on the setup file to start the install.
  3. We recommend that you keep all of the default settings for this installation, including the default destination folder.
  4. Make sure there is a check in the box so it will create an icon on your desktop.
  5. Click the Install button to start the installation process.
  6. Click on Finish and you are done with the install of Municode Desktop.
  7. Double click the M icon on your desktop to launch the application.

Listserv FAQ

Can I use messages posted to the Listserv in other briefs, memos, letters, etc?

You can use information that you learned from the Listserv generically,  but forwarding messages from the Listserv to someone who is not on the List, or blocking and copying the text of a Listserv message into another document is prohibited.  The exception is if you receive permission from the person who sent the message. 


Are Listserv messages subject to open records requests?

 Municode is a private company and not subject to open records requests.  However, because the Listserv participants are all Municipal Attorneys who are subject to record requests, you should consider posts to the List vulnerable to such requests.  If you archive List messages on your computer (as opposed to Municode’s server), the law will apply.  As of this date, the issue has yet come up so the above is merely our opinion.


How do I establish a password?

After you receive the initial email confirming your subscription to the listserv you will also receive an email with a link to set up your password.  It will redirect you to the listserv site where you can set up the password you wish to use.  If you have lost or deleted that email, you can request a new password change by clicking the blue text that says "Get a new Listserv password" on the listserv login page here.


The system will then ask you to confirm you email address and will send you an email with a link.  After clicking the link, it will direct you to a page where you can put in your new password.  There are no character restrictions although you will want to make it something that is both secure and memorable.


What features require a password?

Viewing archived messages on the listserv site, changing your settings for how you recieve the listserv emails and changing your password require a login. Everything else (such as replying to messages or sending messages) can be done from your email without logging in.


What is the Difference Between Index or Digest Mode messages?

If you choose Index mode you receive short "index" messages at regular intervals, usually once per day or once per week. These "indexes" show you what is being discussed on the list, without including the text of the individual postings. For each posting, the date, the author's name and address, the subject of the message, and the number of lines is listed. You can then download messages of interest from the server (the index contains instructions on how to do that).


An index subscription is ideal if you have a slow connection and only read a few hand-picked messages. The indexes are very short and you do not have to worry about long download times. The drawback of course is that you need to reconnect to retrieve messages of interest from the server.


You can choose to have the index sent to you in either a traditional format (plain text) or in HTML format with hyperlinks.


If you choose Digest Mode you receive larger messages (called "digests") at regular intervals, usually once per day or once per week. These "digests" are collections of individual list postings. Some lists are so active that they produce several digests per day.


Digests are a good compromise between reading everything as it is posted and feeling like the list is clogging your mailbox with a multitude of individual postings.


You can subscribe to these by simply logging into the listserv website here.  Once you have logged click on Subscriber's Corner.  You should now see List Names in the middle of the page.  Next to the name of the Listserv you should seen [Settings].  Clicking on [Settings] will bring you to a page where you can choose the email formats you wish to recieve.








How do I receive Index or Digest Mode messages?

You can subscribe to these by simply logging into the listserv website here.  Once you have logged click on Subscriber's Corner.  You should now see List Names in the middle of the page.  Next to the name of the Listserv you should seen [Settings].  Clicking on [Settings] will bring you to a page where you can choose the email formats you wish to recieve.


Why do attachments not accompany Listserv Messages?

Because the listserv is a powerful tool that sends messages to scores of users at a time, it was felt that attachments should be disallowed to prevent the spread of bots or viruses.  If you wish to attach a document to share with the list, you can find information on how to do that here.


How do I share Documents?

To share documents we have established an ftp site that you can upload your document to.  After the document is uploaded, you can link to it in the message to the listserv you wanted to share it with.  For information on how to log in to use the ftp, please email


It should be noted that only active listserv members have access to the ftp site and only active members will be sent information on how to use it.


How do I search the Archived Messages?

First log into the listserv website here.  Once logged in you will see a box on the right hand side labeled Search Archives.  You can either type your search term into the field or you can click Advanced Options.


Advanced Options will allow to you search by String, Subject, Author's Address, or by date. (Since or Until)  You can also change how you the search items are sorted.  After filling in whatever specific information you wish to search by you can click Search.

The Search Results will populate at the bottom of the screen.


How do I suspend message delivery when I go on vacation?

You can suspend the emails by simply logging into the listserv website here.  Once you have logged click on Subscriber's Corner.  You should now see List Names in the middle of the page.  Next to the name of the Listserv you should seen [Settings].  Clicking on [Settings] will bring you to a page where you can the click the box next to [Mail delivery temporarily disabled.]


After you have checked the box, click [Update].


To resume recieving the emails, uncheck the box and update.


How do I unsubscribe?

To unsubscribe, go to the Listserv information page here.  Scroll down until you see the sections marked for the Attorney Listserv and the Clerk Listserv.  Choose which one you wish to unsubscribe to and find the line that says "To unsubscribe from the list, enter your email address and a brief reason for leaving on this form."


Click the link at the end of the sentence and fill out the form, making sure to enter the correct email address.  After clicking the [Unsubscribe] button, the system will automatically send you an email advising you that you have left the listserv.








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Please note, this support request form is for technical issues only. If you are having trouble locating a specific ordinance by performing a keyword search within our Online Library, you will need to contact your local city or county clerk’s office for information.

You will also find valuable FAQs, documentation, and tutorials in our Support Center that can help you find what you are looking for within our Online Codes.

Although we are a publisher of codes and ordinances, we cannot interpret them or provide legal advice of any kind.