Municode Expands Its Municipal Law Publishing Capability with the Acquisition of Municipal Code Online

published June 4, 2018

Tallahassee, FL – Municode, ( the nation’s leading legal codifier, announced the acquisition of Municipal Code Online, a cutting-edge software development company headquartered in Utah. Municipal Code Online brings with it a cloud-based software that enables government workers to draft new legislation and instantly update their online municipal codes of ordinances.

“Municode recognizes that our municipalities are evolving toward a more modern, digital, web-first approach to the way they interact with their communities. Our new self-publishing software embraces this evolution and meets our clients at the forefront of this innovation,” stated Municode’s President, Eric Grant.

Municode’s self-publishing software provides its clients with a cloud-based, SaaS solution that empowers them to collaborate online with their team to draft, edit, vote on, and publish updates to their codes of ordinances in real time. It takes what municipalities already do on a daily basis – draft ordinances – and gives them a powerful solution to update their code with the click of a button. Proposing ordinances and resolutions from the online code liberates the municipality from traditional drafting, editing, voting, signing, scanning and publishing methods. Municode gives their clients the power to update the online code instantly and deliver current and transparent code to their residents.

Municode’s self-publishing software is great for codes of ordinances and is also ideal for municipal handbooks, policies, procedures, police manuals and more. And, because the software is a SaaS solution, costs are fixed, thus simplifying the budgeting process.

“Most exciting of all, Municode’s self-publishing software will integrate seamlessly with our municipal websites and our meetings & agenda management solution. By bringing all three of these solutions into one user experience, we will be able to complete the circle of governance, make the lives of our clients simpler, and truly increase their level of transparency by empowering them to completely connect with their communities,” said Eric Grant.


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