The Road I Traveled to Get Here - A Municode Employee Testimonial

published May 12, 2017

I had spent over thirty years working in the data communications business. It was exciting and offered compensation well into six figures, but selling was the main (and often the only) focus. I thought that my career would continue to prosper and bring me satisfaction, but I eventually realized that customers’ needs took second place to peddling hardware and the excitement wore off.

In 2004, the industry I had been in for my entire career, crashed. My job, as well as many others, became irrelevant. I felt betrayed by the industry that I invested my time into – that my time meant nothing.

That is until Municode offered me a sales position. The offer meant a revival of my career and the possibility that I could make a meaningful difference in people’s lives. Municode strengthened my conviction that sales are made possible by customer service. Rather than focusing on closing new business, I garnered and maintained relationships with clients long-term.

After working for the company over the past twelve years, I realize that the people at Municode – both management and the rank and file – truly care for each other. The company and I flourish around this culture.

Employees regularly share things they bake, grow, or produce with the rest of the staff. There were several times in the past that an employee needed time off to care for a family member, but did not have the vacation time they needed. The other employees gathered together to donate their vacation time to relieve the loss of income the time off caused.

Not to mention, it’s custom during the Christmas season, for the CEO to present a bonus check to each employee personally while wearing a Santa hat.

This familial culture is what motivates me to send missives to all employees in the Christmas season. Even after all this time, I still feel exhilarated when I send them.

Municode’s moral creed aligns with my beliefs that our client’s needs should determine our agenda. I’m sure that this unspoken truth has reinforced employees’ willingness to stay. There is virtually no turnover at Municode and the average tenure is far longer than my personal twelve years. Beyond this, every employee is committed and dedicated to their craft.

People take it for granted that these are common principles for a business. It has been my experience, all too often, it is not the case. Needless to say, I’ve taken the time to write this to express what it means to me to be a devoted employee at Municode.

Written by: Dennis Heller