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With over 65 years in the business and 4,100 clients, we know codification.  Let our team of legal experts quickly update your code in print and online form.  We have plenty of options to meet the needs of municipalities of any size.  

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Why Municode...

Our Word Is Our Bond.

We believe that long-term relationships built on trust, are built to stand the test of time.


We are the most trusted and experienced codifier of local government codes in the nation. Our team of attorneys has an average of over 20 years of codification experience.


We are committed to excellence in every product that we create. Our team of legal editors and legal proofreaders, each averaging over 8 years of service, is dedicated to providing you with the most accurate and timely service available in the nation.


We have a team of full-time attorneys. We don't subcontract this exacting work. Our team of attorneys has helped over 4,000 municipalities ensure the legal sufficiency of their codes of ordinances.

Move Your Code To Municode

Connect Your Citizens to the Law in a Meaningful Way

If you are:

  • Looking for a partner that values keeping your code of ordinances as up-to-date as you do;

  • Searching for a partner that cares deeply about the accuracy and legal sufficiency of your code;

  • Anxious to host your code on the most advanced municipal website in the nation...

All you have to do is:

  • Call our customer support team;

  • Send us a hard copy or electronic copy of your code;

  • Let us do the rest!

For little or no cost, our team will quickly and efficiently transition your code into our database, post your code on MunicodeNEXT and give you the solutions you need to truly connect your citizens to the law in a meaningful way.

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Codification and Recodification

Team of Full-Time Attorneys

  • Codification is the process of consolidating your legislation of a general and permanent nature and organizing it into a logical and sequential code of ordinances. During this process, one of our experienced codification attorneys will first organize and then review your code in its entirety to ensure that it is grammatically correct, free of conflicts and internal inconsistencies and conforms to State Law.
  • A code that is well arranged, well edited, easy to read and up-to-date is a cost effective management tool for government. It eliminates many tasks that are a strain on staff members and enables your citizens to have free, open and ready access to the law.
  • If you already have an existing code, but it has not been maintained or reviewed within the last 10 – 15 years, then recodification is the ideal approach. Like codification, this process includes a complete Legal Review of your code and the incorporation of all appropriate legislation.
  • By partnering with Municode, you will have a team of licensed attorneys who will work with you step-by-step to ensure that your code is legally sufficient, modern and easily connects you and your citizens.

Updating Your Code

Timely Delivery - You Pick the Schedule - One Point of Contact - Attention to Detail - Accurate Results

  • Timely. It is important to keep your code current and Municode will always provide you with accurate, timely supplements, within 4 weeks for printed supplements and within 10-15 days for electronic updates. You can even choose to post your new legislation online as received if you enroll in our OrdBank or OrdLink programs!
  • Relationship. The maintenance of your code will be assigned to one of our experienced teams of legal editors and proofreaders who will quickly become familiar with the unique laws of your municipality. All legislation received will be immediately acknowledged and your code can be supplemented on the schedule of your choice.
  • Thorough Examination. Each ordinance will be examined to determine whether and where the ordinance should be placed in the code, and which history notes, cross-references or tables should be updated with your supplement.
  • Attention to Detail. Meticulous proofreading and expert indexing will ensure that your code is always current, grammatically correct and free of errors. For printed supplements, we will provide an instruction sheet for removal of the obsolete pages and insertion of new pages, as well as a checklist of up-to-date pages. Our supplement process is streamlined, simple and has been designed for your convenience!

Legal Review

Quick and Easy

  • A Legal Review is a thorough legal analysis of your code conducted by one of our professional codification attorneys.
  • Our attorney will work closely with your municipality to ensure that your code is legally accurate, up-to-date and that it conforms to the laws of your State. We will provide you with a Legal Memorandum containing our recommendations to remedy any conflicts or inconsistencies within your code, then schedule a conference to discuss our findings with your attorney and staff.
  • Recommendations can be implemented via the municipality adopting legislation to include the recommendations, or Municode can be hired to implement the findings into your code and provide you with an adopting ordinance for the new code.
  • Legal Reviews can be: Targeted at specific portions of your code that are of concern to you and your team; Done in phases to make it easier on you; Completed on a schedule that meets your needs.
  • Whatever your needs...we are here to help.


Give Your Code a Fresh Start and Post it on MunicodeNEXT

During the Republication process, our team of legal editors and legal proofreaders will:

  • Meticulously review your code from start to finish;
  • Thoroughly proofread your code;
  • Work with you to ensure the style of your code is consistent;
  • Repaginate the documents in a format designed for consistency and readability;
  • Update the Preliminary Pages, Index and Table of Contents;
  • Incorporate newly adopted legislation;
  • Update State Law references (if elected);
  • Update cross-references and history notes;
  • Integrate all photographs, maps, diagrams, charts and tables;
  • Provide a comparative table of ordinances;
  • Give you and your citizens the best looking, most accurate and easiest to use code of ordinances; AND
  • Post your code on the nation's most technologically advanced municipal website in the nation....MunicodeNEXT!

Digital Downloads

All of Your Content, Any Format

Municode can furnish any of our 4,100+ codes in several different digital formats to meet your needs. Whether you need an editable version of the code, a printable version that matches the hardcopy version of the code, or a version to integrate with one of your information system, Municode has the right format for you.

  • Word - best for drafting new legislation
  • PDF - matches hardcopy
  • Folio Bound Views - disconnected, searchable desktop application
  • XML - can be imported into other systems

Sample Downloads


Let Us Do All of the Hard Work For You

  • Fulfillment services are available to distribute individual printed copies of codes and supplements to departments or subscribers at no additional fee to you.
  • We can sell your codes, supplements, chapter reprints, binders and tabs at a pre-determined price.
  • We assume all risk and expense for providing these items.
  • Orders can be placed through our online ordering, via fax, mail or telephone.
  • Whatever you need, we are here for you.

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State Law Pamphlets

Wondering how state law is affecting your code? Our free state law pamphlets, updated annually, give you a summary of how recent state law changes might affect your code of ordinances. Click on any of the links below to download a PDF copy: