Company History

  • Connecting you and your citizens...

    Municode is committed to leading the municipal services industry, staying abreast of technology and focusing on the needs of our local government customers so that everyone – you, our employees and your citizens – will benefit.

  • 2016


    Municode joins forces with the best municipal website development company in the country, Aha Consulting! Sharing a core set of principles in the areas of leadership, service and commitment to excellence, Municode and Aha are going to bring solutions to the municipal market that are truly revolutionary.  The goal is simple....Develop products and provide solutions that truly help connect municipalities with their citizens in meaningful ways!  

  • 2015

    Online Payments

    MunicodePAY introduces Revalocity to the market. MunicodePAY clients can now allow their citizens to process any payment, anywhere, anytime, on any platform.

  • 2014

    Colorado Code Publishing Company

    Municode completes the purchase of Colorado Code Publishing Company, becoming the largest and most experienced legal codifier in the state of Colorado. The key to successfully completing the purchase is the fact that the owners of Colorado Code Publishing Company share Municode's core values - Integrity; Service; Passion; Fanatical Customer Support. Municode now proudly serves over 150 awesome clients in the great state of Colorado!  Thank you Colorado!   

  • 2009

    Growing the Municode Family

    Municode adds more than 500 customers thanks to an acquisition of all of the Lexis-Nexis municipal codification accounts. Searching the landscape for a company with the expertise, capacity, capability and necessary level of commitment to make such a purchase successful, Lexis-Nexis chooses us! What an honor!  Thanks to this acquisition, Municode instantly makes 500 new friends across the country and looks forward to serving all of them for decades to come! 

  • 2007


    Recognizing a need in the market, Municode forms a new division, MunicodePAY to provide a full suite of Utility Bill and Electronic Payment services to its clients. MunicodePAY has now grown into one of Municode's largest divisions thanks to its commitment to provide superior customer service and unique solutions to meet the needs of our clients. MunicodePAY's goals are to listen, ask questions and bring value to its customers by solving their problems.

  • 1995

    Internet...What's That?

    Municode is the second direct connection to the Internet (outside academia) in Leon County. The company revises its definition of publishing from "delivering words as ink on paper" to "delivering words in any medium demanded by clients."

  • 1973

    This computer thing is a fad. It will never last...

    The typesetting operation is first computerized. Since then, there have been five different typesetting systems and virtually every department has increased its productivity by using technology.  

  • 1970

    Beep Beep...Here we go!

    Municode moves to its present location at 1700 Capital Circle, S.W., Tallahassee, FL, 32310.

  • 1963

    One Team!

    A complete printing plant is installed so that all stages of the operation will be under the direct management of Municode, eliminating the need for and dependency on a subcontracted printing service. 

  • 1951

    The American Dream

    Municode's founder, Mr. George, was drafted into the United States Army and sent to the front lines to fight in WWII. Surviving the invasion of Normandy, Mr. George helped lead the Allies across the battle fields of France and ultimately on to victory.

    With his G.I. Bill in hand, Mr. George attended the University of Virginia School of Law. During his summers, Mr. George worked for the Michie Company and learned the basic structure for codes of ordinances.

    Seeing a better way to build code books and provide ongoing service, Mr. George founded Municipal Code Corporation in 1951. His first stop was Tallahassee. When the mayor of Tallahassee saw what Mr. George could do, he called the mayor of Jacksonville, who then called the mayor of Miami...and Mr. George realized that he was on to something.

    As his company began to prosper, Mr. George became smitten with the love of his life, Miriam.  

    A few years later, Mr. George decided to ask his future father-in-law for his daughter's hand in marriage. 

    A nervous Mr. George worked up the gumption, "Sir, may I marry your daughter?"

    "Son, how do you intend to take care of my most prized gift from God?"

    Mr. George replied, "Well sir, if I can just get 100 cities to allow me to take care of their codes of ordinances, I know we will be OK."

    65 years later, Municode now humbly serves over 4,100 cities and counties of all sizes in all 50 states!

    Well done, Mr. George!