Setting the ultimate standard for public transparency with the NEXT generation of codification technology.

"Good golly miss molly have you guys knocked it out of the park with the update!! So much faster, easier on the eyes and overall just a pleasure to work with. I spend hours each week in the Municode site and the changes are noticeable, pertinent and fantastic!"

    - Matt Jackson, Senior Planner, Planning & Development Department, City of Clearwater, Florida 

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MunicodeNEXT 3.0

MunicodeNEXT 3.0 / The NEXT Generation of Codification and Transparency brought to you for free.


Our commitment to our clients and the 100 million citizens that our online library serves each and every day!

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Smartphones are cool.

MunicodeNEXT is the only fully responsive code hosting application in the industry! All of our powerful features are available on any device - desktop, laptop, tablet, and smartphone. Unlike other codifiers, we have a robust team of in-house developers committed to developing technology that benefits you.

Print, Save, Share

Connect Your Citizens to the Law.

Our flexible collaboration options allow you to share code content via multiple channels, including:

  • Save as Word (DOCX)

  • Email (sends link)

  • Print

  • Permalink - expose a static URL to embed in an app or document

  • Social Sharing - share directly to Twitter or Facebook

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Easy access to all of your ordinances.

Tired of searching for original ordinances? OrdBank allows you to store, search, and link your original ordinances anywhere in your code!

  • Save time. Save money. Give your staff and citizens instant access to all of your ordinances with one click.

  • Put visitors on notice that a law has been adopted but not yet codified.

  • Link to the ordinance from the section’s history note, Supplement History Table, and Code Comparative Table.

  • Browse a permanent ordinance repository.

You can also send us historical ordinances to populate OrdBank.

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Go back in time.

Have you ever been asked what the code said five years ago?

Now, anyone can answer that question with a simple click!

CodeBank is a comprehensive archive of every update to your online code. Each time your code is updated online, we create a permanent archive of the previous version.

Over time, this archive becomes an invaluable research tool allowing you to see exactly how the code has evolved over the years.


See what's changed.

CodeBank Compare leverages the archives stored in CodeBank to visually show the changes to the most recent update to the online code. With CodeBank Compare, users can: See new and modified badges in the table of contents to indicate changes as you browse. Use the Changes Tab to view the sections of the Code that have changed. Leverage the Compare Versions button to compare any two versions of a Code section stored in CodeBank. Give your Staff and Citizens the ability to access the power of CodeBank Compare!


Get notified when the law is updated.

How often do staff or citizens ask you the last time the code was updated?

Give everyone the ability to sign up for email notificiations!

eNotify works hand-in-hand with CodeBank Compare to notify users, via email, of any and all changes to the online code.

Users will receive an email containing a link which directs them to the Changes Tab, allowing them to quickly cycle through code changes, complete with strikethrough and highlighting.


All of Your Content...One Platform.

Do you have important documents stored in multiple locations?

MuniDocs allows you to host any related content alongside your code. Both HTML and PDF documents are fully searchable and can come from any number of sources. Just a few examples of documents stored in MuniDocs include:

  • Minutes; Resolutions; Policy Documents; Permits; Budgets; Forms; and more!

Give your citizens and staff access to all of your important documents in one, easy-to-use platform!


Make it yours.

Provide a consistent look and feel between your municipality site and ours with a full-width, custom banner.

Give your visitors the assurance they are browsing your official publications.

Below are a few examples. Interested?

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Boulder, CO

Irvine, CA

Oklahoma City, OK