We Can Help You Turn Your Land Use Code Into An Economic Driver For Your Community!









We know how much time and effort you put into your Land Use or Zoning code. Once your new code is complete, you need to ensure your Zoning code is as easy to update and as accessible as possible.

That's where we come in.

Let us help you transform your code from static words on paper into a dynamic, interactive and fully-featured website that will drive economic growth and development in your municipality.

With our innovative solutions, our exclussive partnership with enCodePLUS and our ability to integrate GIS maps with your land use regulations, we have the skills and tools you need to take your code to the NEXT level!


Exclusively Partnered with Municode

Built by Planners...For Planners...To Put Control Back in Your Hands

  • enCodePlus, LLC is an exclusive partner with Municode, meaning that our offerings are combined into a single, integrated solution.

  • With enCodePlusTM, we offer municipalities the never-before, in-house flexibility of drafting, editing, updating, amending, archiving, and publishing of your land use and zoning regulations.

  • enCodePlusTM also enables us to offer you an online, interactive GIS solution that will tie all of your planning and zoning information together.

  • All this can occur while Municode continues to update the non-zoning portions of your code and publish them on MunicodeNEXT.

SmartCodes and Form-Based Codes

Municode is the industry leader in SmartCodes and Form-Based Codes

  • With over 65 years of experience in the planning and zoning space, we have the knowledge and expertise required to ensure that your SmartCode or Form-Based Code is published, updated and hosted online in a precise and professional manner.
  • We have a team specially trained in the use of InDesign that will work with you and your team to ensure that your code is presented in the most professional manner possible.
  • If you have worked with an outside consultant to build your new Land Use Regulations, you have probably spent tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars in the process. You deserve to work with an expert in the field that will ensure your code is accurate, updated quickly and keeps the same amazing look and feel that your brand new code does today.

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Powerful Options

We can tailor the publishing of your Zoning Code to meet your specific needs. Below, you'll find some of the options we can provide to make your code as up-to-date and accessible as possible, in print and online and from any device!

  • Fixed table headers when you scroll online - great for large acceptable use tables.
  • Embedded high resolution images in text and in tables.
  • Leverage OrdBank to link to your original ordinances as they amend the code.
  • Post as part of your existing code or as a separate publication but still search simultaneously.
  • Benefit from all the features of MunicodeNEXT - responsive design, email alerts when updates are posted, recent changes, historical archive, and more!

El Paso, TX

Tables with embedded images

El Paso, TX

Fixed Table Headers

San Buenaventura, CA

High Resolution Images