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Traditional Statement Printing and Mailing Services

With over 25 years of combined experience providing statement processing services, we understand the importance of statement design, production and accuracy. Municode utilizes high speed digital press technology by industry leaders Oce / Konica and Pitney Bowes. All data processing, postal sortation, inventory management, printing, inserting and related support services in the rendering of bill statements, invoices and notices are performed at our headquarter facility. This enables us to control each project from beginning to end.

Mailing Services

Our postage reduction strategy can diminish your undeliverable mail and postal costs by as much as 30% each year. We provide you with tools that ensure every piece of mail is postal-qualified, keeping you on top of ever-changing Postal Service technology. MCCa is a manifest mailer which means every piece of mail receives a unique piece ID, ensuring we account for and deliver every statement to the USPS. We are also certified by the USPS for optional procedures. All mail pieces are sent at the lowest possible postage first class qualifying rate, taking full advantage of automated USPS discounts. For additional postage cost savings, we perform same address collating and our National Change of Address update service.

  • Cass and Pave address certification processing
  • Presorting processing down to 5 digit zip code
  • USPS Intelligent Mail-Barcode®
  • Outsort and householding processing
  • National Change of Address Updating

24-hour Turnaround

Municode clearly understands that you place your trust in us to ensure your statements go out in a timely manner and are always correct. Our quality control process includes both manual checks and highly advanced technological equipment, such as optical readers, to ensure that your statements are accurate.

Our standard is a 24-hour turnaround from receipt of your data file to your statements being delivered to the USPS.

Data Processing Expertise

Because we focus only on municipal governments, we have developed a superior understanding of the software products that tend to be more prevalent in the government sector. We share a number of mutual clients with 3rd-party CIS companies such as Tyler Tech, Harris, SunGard, Cogsdale, Springbrook, New World, Black Mountain, QS1, ATS, TBS, and many legacy-based systems including in-house built platforms. Additionally, we can process any raw data formats.

Optimal Statement Design Services

Our knowledgeable team will work in conjunction with your staff to identify key areas of your billing statement that can be clarified to minimize customer inquiries, saving you money on customer service costs. We have the experience to help improve your bill’s layout, making it easier to understand for your customers. You can keep the features you liked about your old statement, while adding new features such as a bar chart with historical usage, customized message areas, different sized fonts to enhance readability, QR scan codes or OCR barcoding for payment processing. Our in-house creative services can even help you design and produce the inserts, saving the city time and money.

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