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Whether it’s payments for school lunches, parking tickets, property taxes, or utility bills – Municode provides an all-in-one payment and presentment platform that can support any agency-wide solution.

  • Drive electronic adoption with wide range of options for your citizens
  • Increase citizen satisfaction with self-service engagement
  • Provide a consistent, user-friendly experience across all channels
  • Transform your billing through your citizen’s smartphone
  • Streamline financial processes including collection, payment & settlement
  • Eliminate multi-vendor hassles by leveraging one vendor for both electronic and printed statements

Embrace the power of citizen choice to drive adoption

Give your citizens the payment and presentment options they demand. Let them make payments when and how they want with a consistent, user-friendly experience across all payment channels.

  • Online quick pay option
  • Mobile payments & alerts
  • Pay-by-Text
  • Pay-by-Email
  • Pay-by-phone (built in IVR)
  • Choose from multiple funding sources
    • Credit card
    • Debit Card
    • Electronic Check
    • Cash
  • Choose from multiple payment options:
    • One-time quick payments
    • Reoccurring payments
    • Automatic Bank Draft Services
  • Tablet Kiosk option for walk in customers
  • Walk-in money gram locations

Consolidate all your payments on one platform without the hassle of managing multiple vendor contracts.

Boost Paperless Billing Adoption with Multiple Options

Provide your citizens with a self-serve portal to select right billing presentment option for them.

  • Citizens portal to enroll and manage billing presentment options
  • Paperless billing alerts & notifications
  • By Email
  • By Text
  • By Voice
  • Paperless billing with statement PDF attached
  • Available online viewing of statement history
  • Traditional printing and mailing options

Consolidates all your presentment services without the hassle of managing multiple vendor contracts.

Manage with Ease Using Our Administrative Staff Portal

Your staff will have 24/7 access to the industry’s most comprehensive administrative portal providing single sign-on access to provide customer support before, during and after payment processing, as well as reporting and other tools for overall payment management.

  • Look up customer profiles, add comments and send messages
  • Manage payments on behalf of customers; Schedule, edit or cancel or payments
  • Capture and process payments in real-time and batch modes
  • Easy flexible settlement and reconciliation of payment, return and fee information options tailored to your needs
  • Complete accounting and settlement functions that integrate with CRM, finance, and general ledger systems
  • Comprehensive reporting for users throughout your organization; Daily, weekly and monthly reports on payments processed, returns received, fee and settlement details, enrollment information, etc.
  • Create interactive and customizable online charts
  • Reports available in multiple formats (HTML, PDF, CSV and Excel)
  • Designate user access roles and permissions

Role and privilege based security rights to manage staff from multiple departments in a centralized system

Flexible Implementation Options

  • Website branding, content and features can be customized to suit your municipality requirements
  • Settlement options tailored to your needs
  • Define transaction limits, velocity limits and other business rules
  • Supports comprehensive API options to integrate bill payment services into your customer facing websites enabling you to control end user experience
  • Lockbox Services

Comprehensive and Flexible Pricing model

Our pricing is transactional based which means a low initial set up cost to get started and monthly fees are only charged for the services used by your citizens. We will work with you to explore the right pricing model for you and your citizens, whether it is a customer convenience fee model that covers all the costs, a model where the city absorbs all the costs or a hybrid model

  • Consumer convenience fee model
  • Biller/ Municipality absorbed model
  • Combination/Hybrid model

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