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How Self Publishing Works

  1. We Convert Your Code, You Publish - Whether you’re upgrading online code or making the jump from print to web, we migrate your existing code to our framework. Once online, you take control.
  2. Your Changes = Instant Ordinances - As you propose changes in your online code, your edits are tracked and redlined, allowing you to generate automatic ordinances or resolutions for legislators.
  3. Sign, Seal & Codify by Email Approval - Upon passage, staff digitally applies roll call votes. Signatures and seals are applied via email approval. Once the attestor approves, your code is current + codified!

Control your own code

Municode's Self Publishing software empowers clerks, attorneys, managers, administrators, planners or other municipal staff to manage their own municipal code and other public books.

Prudent, Cost Effective

Legislate and Codify as little or as much as you need. As you continually change your books, there are no limitations or additional expenses. Our annual rates are fixed, not variable. This means your codification expense won’t exceed the budget.

Training and Customer Support

Municode provides free support and codification training to any customer throughout the life of the agreement. Municipal staff who receive our custom training and self publish develop themselves professionally and become favored by municipal governments throughout the country.

Additional Books

Whether it’s your municipal code, policies and procedures, fee schedule, public work standards and technical specification, minutes, or other regulations; each of these books can be published and searchable.

Legislative History

Whether adopted, amended, or repealed by ordinance, all online legislation is substantiated by documentation. This enables staff and citizens to see the evolution of government legislation throughout time.


Inspired by a thirst for easy access to government law, books are published and amended in the cloud. Search any public books by keyword in any browser, whether using a desktop platform or a mobile device. For a more thorough history, PDF documents act as footnotes to each bit of legislation.